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Solution Consulting

Margo Duesterhaus is President of Triple TeQ, a small woman-owned consulting company. She is an avid solution seeker and draws on her diverse skills and experience to help projects, teams and organizations to achieve success. She has experience in organizational effectiveness consulting, project/program management, change management, process improvement, knowledge management, organizational learning, quality management, face-to-face and online meeting facilitation, full lifecycle software development, and training on the 7 Habits of Highly Effective People and numerous other topics.

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Project Management Tips and Tricks

Margo has successfully managed numerous projects of all sizes. She is often called to rescue projects that have gone off track. She has worked with organizations such as NASA, NOAA, NIH, and Raytheon. Her track record of success in managing projects is based on her own methodology which she calls Regenerative Project Management and comes from her decades of project management experience along with knowledge of Organizational Learning, Agile and Kanban concepts. One definition of regenerate is to change radically and for the better. During her many years of managing projects, Margo found that traditional project management methodologies often do not lead to successful projects. Her goal is to share the concepts and processes that she has found essential to better project management. Her Regenerative Project Management methodology has not only enabled her projects to be successful but also enjoyable!

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